Antique windows

Our offer also includes antique windows. The goal of these types of products is to keep the building unchanged. Antique windows are used in historic, but also modern, architecture style.
We work with monument conservators and meet their requirements, faithfully reproducing
constructions and elements.

Implementation of the grant agreement No. POIR.03.02.02-00-0759 / 16 regarding the project
„The implementation of innovative technology for the production of new generation window systems”
under Sub-measure 3.2.2 Loan for technological innovations of the Intelligent Development Operational Program
co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.
Project objective: purchase of equipment necessary to create a new technology line dedicated to TotalGlass
Planned effects: implementation of the innovative TotalGlass system
Project value: PLN 5,993,478.34 of which technological bonus: 2,697,065.24