Winter gardens – specification

The winter garden provides us a comfortable space that is a natural connection between a safe residential zone and nature. Take advantage of our experience. Together, we design solutions that offer the highest level of comfort and fulfill your desires.

The winter garden – specifications
The essence of the winter garden construction is the roof and vertical glazing. The whole structure is made of mahogany or pine wood glued in several layers. The vertical walls of the winter garden, their division, results from the design and construction assumptions. Depending on the project, they may consist of: fixed frames, windows, balcony doors and low-threshold HS sliding doors. We use envelope fittings from the German company
SIEGENIA, which allows windows to be opened: tilt, tilt and turn, tilt and slide. The standard introduces the first level of anti-burglary. These fittings allow micro-sealing and thus proper ventilation. We are able to make winter gardens for every individual order, among others fixed, arched, trapezoidal, triangular and display frames. The windows can be fitted with inside and outside window bars, outside openings, Viennese (glued on the glass),
constructional. The design of winter gardens includes wooden joinery made in the DJ-68 system in
accordance with technical approval and wooden elements.
The individuality and complexity of the winter garden are primarily based on the roof structure.
The elements of the roof truss (wreaths, rafters, elbows, murals) are made of high-class wooden profiles ensuring adequate structural strength, and at the same time emphasize the beauty of natural wood with their aesthetics. Depending on the project, the roofs can be single, double or multi-hipped. Often, the slope angle of the garden refers to the slope of the existing building.
All wooden elements are painted with covering paints and showing the
structure of the GORI wood, which additionally protects against the harmful effects of weather conditions.
In the roof slope, aluminum profiles are applied to the rafters, in which glazing units are installed to ensure tightness against rainwater.

The roof structure is the most expensive and time-consuming element of the garden.

Rainwater is collected via a system of aluminum gutters mounted at the end of the roof and downspouts. All aluminum elements used in the garden are powder-coated, which ensures the durability of the coating for several years.

In vertical walls, CLIMAPLUS insulated glass units with a U = 1.1 W / m20K with argon are used inside as standard. In accordance with the client's wishes, we also use glazing with safe, anti-burglar, bulletproof, soundproof and reflective glazing.

For the glazing of the roof, we use the glass combination Planistar, Planidur and VSG, which protects users against accidents in the event of glass breakage, and at the same time provides constant comfort in the garden throughout the year: limits the heating of the room in summer,
in winter provides thermal insulation (reduction of heating costs),
in autumn and spring ensures full use of sunlight while reducing direct radiation.
New is the self-cleaning Bioclean glass, which uses ultraviolet rays of daylight and rain to
remove organic pollution, traces of raindrops, dust.

To ensure proper air exchange and maintain the microclimate, a mechanical exhaust fan and air vents are located in the lower parts of the window frames. The ventilation unit works in an automatic cycle with a thermostat and ensures adequate air exchange.

The garden after perform is assembled in the factory, and after inspection transported to the customer and installed by the assembly group of Pinus. The cost of assembly is included in the price of the garden.

We prepare a free garden calculation based on the dimensions sent by the client. We choose the shape of the garden for the existing building, we take into account customer suggestions.
We treat the submission of a question with commitment.
We have appropriate attestations and certificates for individual garden components.
Winter gardens made by PINUS are characterized by modern construction and technological
solutions, durability and high aesthetics.

We make doors with Polish designs according to ready designs as we individual customer proposals.

Exterior doors are a showcase of every home. Well designed should match the character of each building and leave a good impression.

It’s a modern design system that is ideal in places where space and comfort are very important. Thanks to the low threshold, you can move completely without obstacles. Exceptional fluidity and ease of use allow you to make each wing up to 3m wide which with 6 wings gives us 18m width. HS fittings used in this type of balcony door allow you to move the wings in one place without having to put the sash away before moving.

It is an ideal solution for optimal use of space within the terrace or garden exits. The use of special solutions allows the construction of very large glazing. Special fittings mean that moving large wings requires only a small amount of force.  SIEGENIA-AUBI fittings aren’t only durable, but also care for comfortable and safe operation. The maximum width of the entire structure is about 4 m.

We make doors according to ready designs and also individual customer proposals.

Our collection consists of twenty-one styles of the most common and characteristic entrance doors in Great Britain. As a standard, we produce doors with a handle, but it is possible to make a TOWNHOUSE door without a handle. In both cases, however, modern espagnolette that complies with the standards of the British Insurers Association.

A traditional English balcony that can open in and out best suits the functionality of the interior. The active wing is equipped with an espagnolette that complies with the standards of the British Insurers Association.

Our offer also includes antique windows. The goal of these types of products is to keep the building unchanged. Antique windows are used in historic, but also modern, architecture style.
We work with monument conservators and meet their requirements, faithfully reproducing
constructions and elements.

PPUH PINUS Jerzy, Mariusz Smolarczyk, Spółka Jawna realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich „Program Operacyjny Inteligentny Rozwój” (POIR) pt. „Dotacja na kapitał obrotowy dla Przedsiębiorstwa Produkcyjno-Usługowo-Handlowego PINUS Jerzy Smolarczyk, Mariusz Smolarczyk Spółka Jawna”.
Nr umowy POIR.03.04.00-16-0020/20. Wartość projektu: 299.912,22 zł.
Implementation of the grant agreement No. POIR.03.02.02-00-0759 / 16 regarding the project „The implementation of innovative technology for the production of new generation window systems”
under Sub-measure 3.2.2 Loan for technological innovations of the Intelligent Development Operational Program co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.
Project objective: purchase of equipment necessary to create a new technology line dedicated to TotalGlass Planned effects: implementation of the innovative TotalGlass system Project value: PLN 5,993,478.34 of which technological bonus: 2,697,065.24