We provide our clients’ professional warranty care for all products. In addition, we provide advice on the care and maintenance of wooden products and carry out post-advertising services.
Having the right to the warranty applies to all final recipients who have installed our products in the facility, but with the note that possible warranty repairs don’t extend the warranty period.

Warranty conditions
● correctly and professionally carried out assembly by the authorized service center of the Pinus company,
● normal climatic conditions, suitable for assembly woodwork,
● making full payment,
● complaint filed immediately after noticing the fault,
● proper maintenance through the use of delicate wood preservatives

The warranty doesn’t cover the following types of damage:

● mechanical and chemical damage during assembly and after completion,
● damage caused by neglect and improper maintenance (for example the use of very alkaline detergents, splashed lime, and cement, the use of unsuitable adhesive tapes),
● normal wear and tear such as color fading and change in color tone,
● large changes due to moisture during and after construction causing swelling of the wood,
● any damage resulting from the mentioned above changes.

In the case of a complaint, we are required to get rid of the defects within a jointly agreed date. We are committed to the fact that this period can’t be longer than 30 business days from the date the fault was reported. If the product is under warranty and the repair isn’t possible – we will replace it with a new one.


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    PPUH PINUS Jerzy, Mariusz Smolarczyk, Spółka Jawna realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich „Program Operacyjny Inteligentny Rozwój” (POIR) pt. „Dotacja na kapitał obrotowy dla Przedsiębiorstwa Produkcyjno-Usługowo-Handlowego PINUS Jerzy Smolarczyk, Mariusz Smolarczyk Spółka Jawna”.
    Nr umowy POIR.03.04.00-16-0020/20. Wartość projektu: 299.912,22 zł.
    Implementation of the grant agreement No. POIR.03.02.02-00-0759 / 16 regarding the project „The implementation of innovative technology for the production of new generation window systems”
    under Sub-measure 3.2.2 Loan for technological innovations of the Intelligent Development Operational Program co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.
    Project objective: purchase of equipment necessary to create a new technology line dedicated to TotalGlass Planned effects: implementation of the innovative TotalGlass system Project value: PLN 5,993,478.34 of which technological bonus: 2,697,065.24